Shivendra kumar

Shivendra kumar

New Delhi, IN


apna bazar jhansi

 I am responsible for anything to do with designing a building or structure.  Normally I start the design and the project from the very beginning in the office and then I do working drawings and specification. I do a lot of preliminary design where I’ll meet with client determine what their program is, analyze the site, determine what can be built on site, how big of building it is.  I then I do some preliminary building arrangement or , floor plan and elevation and section so that actually see what the building will look like, how big it will be and how it’s arranged and how well it suits their program. It’s is mostly done in the office, we’ll meet with clients and go out to site I’ll also sit in front of computer a lot and draw. As we get higher up in project I do more client contact and marketing for things outside the office.  For project I regularly contact with structural consultant Electrical consultant and plumbing consultant.  For 3d model I using Revit Architecture.  On site  Continually site visit and see work in progress.  Maintain up-to-date construction progress for all major phase of construction.  Regularly report construction progress.  Site safety condition.  Take timely corrective action if construction progress is not generally on schedule. Previous project cost - 50410837.10 Rs

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Jhansi, IN
My Role: Designing of full site
Additional Credits: archohm