Shirly Kujawski Kenett

Shirly Kujawski Kenett

Philadelphia, PA, US


Samson building in Herzog Hospital

Founded in 1894, Herzog hospital seats in the entrance to the city of Jerusalem
and aims at improving the quality of life for those suffering the effects of aging,
neurological disorders, mental illness, respiratory ailments and psychological
trauma. The Samson building has six floors above the ground with four
children/general respiratory wards, four geriatric wards, four psychiatric wards,
labs, an x-ray department and an underground emergency hospital.
Designing the interior of the wards demanded dealing with the question
how much to design?? We chose to bring quiet architecture with classic lines and
tones and to let life bring the colors. Since most of the patients in this hospital
are being hospitalized for long periods, the leading concept was to give them a
feeling of a boutique hotel with material/color combination like pine and
white, concrete-like floor tiles and wood hand rail.

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Status: Built
Location: Jerusalem, IL
My Role: interior designer
Additional Credits: Kaplinsky Architects