Shareefa Abdulsalam

Shareefa Abdulsalam

Los Angeles, CA, US


Awsaj Farm

Within the heart of the farming area of Sulaibiyah, the private farm for an extended family houses thirteen buildings distributed within three zones of hierarchy. On the west side towards the entrance gate, the public zone holds a Diwaniya -a traditional gentlemen guest house, in addition to a staff building and a large storage. The barn and services are located within this zone for easy maintenance. A central farming zone acts as a buffer between the public area and the family zone at the east side of the farm. The family zone consists of a main farmhouse with 6 additional small chalet style villas, all located around a more intimate family garden. The project was featured in YourAOK Pages Magazine, a Kuwait-based architectural publication, in January 2015.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Kuwait, KW
My Role: Project manager, main designer
Additional Credits: Kayan Office team:
Bashar Alsalem, Rayah Alsabah, Indra Patel, Marichu Pahati, Feddilito Alvarado