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shaopeng zhang

Urbana, IL, US



Architecture Diversity - Architecture thoughts can be, or should be shaped by the adaptive changing social circumstance and specific situations. And I think as an architect, the "negative theory" of their thoughts should run the way the world works, not their own rules.

      Le Corbusier has the priority when it comes to architecture, definitely it is! The five points: horizontal window, roof garden, the support, the free-deisgning of ground plan and free-design of facade, which had become the "rule of thumb" of architecture. But with development of human civilization, increasingly architects began to focus on something spiritual, like soul, spatial experience, psychological perception.How can you say those "five points" rule architecture right now?

      So, we can claim architecture is diversifying revolution and this might be a trend that architects start a new epoch in which architecture will be not represented by themselves, but by history, culture,demographic, city scale, environment and so on.

     On the one hand, it become hard to say what architecture "negative theory" means for architects because it is a changing process ever! Rem Koolhass is my favorite architect who have his own "product". If you look at OMA project, is seems like a kaleidoscope in different locations of the world and maybe 1000 projects might come from 1000 different changes and uncertains. It is hard to tell what exactly it is! And I think this can be what architecture diversity is.

      On the other hand, architecture diversity  can represent not only architecture itself, but something spiritual involved humanity. Some architects are characterized by humanitaranism, like Shigru Ban, whose projects usually occur in some nature disaster area such as floods ot earthquake to assist those people who really need help.

      So, from architecture perspective, I think architecture diversity can tell how we can achieve something and architects choose what to do.


FoxLin Architects, San Clemente, CA, US, Junior Designer

Working on a small size firm, we are required to take care of everything related to a project, including schematic design, digital modeling(highly Revit used), construction document, permit drawing, even coordinating with the clients and talking to the city plan checker for the project bid.
Since we are a small team, every team member need to jungle among several projects at the same time, which gave me much experience for time management and prioritizing different things.
I did learned a lot from Foxlin and the reason I left is I need H1-B sponsorship from my supervisor, but who has some trouble on that.

Oct 2016 - current


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, IL, US, MArch, Architecture

Aug 2014 - May 2016

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