Stuart Shanks

Stuart Shanks

White Plains, NY, US


Green House

Custom built on a dense suburban quarter acre corner lot in a train commuter town outside of New York City, this house is designed to mimic the traditional forms of the neighboring houses built in the 1930’s but stripped of traditional decoration. The material has been reduced to the elemental: unfinished wood rain screens left to bleach in the elements, exposed concrete, and masonry block create the minimum form of two pieces stacked on top of each other. Because the house is situated in a corner lot of a busy intersection, the house was also designed from the interior out, starting with programming and furniture layout both with large personalities and very specific needs.  The internal explosion of color and the external simple stacked forms, sometimes mis-align resulting in voids. These slips become colorful hints at what is going on inside the house to the passerby. This also allows for light to enter the spaces. The most dramatic of this is the front entrance which gives an illusion of a much bigger room missing the fourth wall, bisected with glass to form  a dining room, an entry, and an outdoor porch. This continuation creates a seamless open semi-public space moving into a private space, and creates a misalignment with interior design and architectural form. These lines are further blurred on the second floor where the patios meet the bedrooms creating private spaces that are open to the elements. Created for the designer and his husband, the house is bespoke with colorful elements allowing Architecture and Interior Design to blur and become equal aspects of a single whole.

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Status: Built
Location: White Plains, NY, US
My Role: Lead Designer, Project Manager, Interior Designer
Additional Credits: Architect of Record: Blake Goble, B^Space Architecture