Shane Morgan

Shane Morgan

Brooklyn, NY, US


Microbrewery & Tram Station

The site is surrounded by lower density housing. Sandwiched between Cabra and Phibsboro villages, the main use of the area is a passage through. There are very few public destinations in the area. The public space of Great Western Square lacks benches or areas to slow down, stop and enjoy the space. The scheme proposes a recessed frontage coupled with an active growth buffer, softening the noise the street.

A decision was made to create a public plaza in the heart of the site, allowing moments of rest within these busy corridors. Pedestrian route-ways were created joining the North Circular Road with Cabra Road, allowing a more generous entrance to the newly installed light rail.

In the heart of the scheme, a micro-brewery dwells underneath the floating plaza, giving glimpses of itself to elevated positions. Holding onto the ideals of the life-line’s caretakers, the micro-brewery utilises artisan craft, local skill sets and natural ingredients. It comes from a rich tradition of brewing within Dublin city and part of a renewal of interest in the advantages of agricultural responsibility.

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Status: School Project
Location: Dublin, IE
My Role: Main Designer