Sean Hutchison

Sean Hutchison

Chicago, IL, US


Self-Powered Built Environment, Vertical Context

The goal of this project was to design a tower for the urban environment that utilizes new technologies in order to overcome the structural and economical difficulties that buildings of this scale present to the contemporary design and construction processes. 

The structure consists of steel tubular columns with four mega-columns, one in each corner with site welded joints. Tubular Columns are arranged to form trusses on the diagonal axes of the building prefabricated off-site in sections. The building skin comprises a stainless steel wire mesh fitted to the primary and secondary steel tubes. The exterior skin provides a climate barrier of ETFE membrane. Ventilation is through circular adjustable openings electronically separated and remotely controlled. The exterior skin provides both thermal and physical separation.


Jerrold Loebl Traveling Fellowship

- singular award winner

George Danforth Traveling Fellowship

- Finalist

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Status: School Project
My Role: Individual Project (non-group)
Additional Credits: Professor Peter Land (IIT)
Cloud Studio - Final studio of undergraduate program