Seth Matheson

Seth Matheson

Los Angeles, CA, US


Monstro Seafood Restaurant

A warehouse is converted into an avant-garde seafood restaurant.  The concept of the design is "Big Fish Eats Little Fish," and plays on the psychological roles of prey vs predator by constantly flipping them back and forth.  You may be the "big fish" eating the "little fish" served on your plate, but you also are the "little fish" because you are eating within a dining room made to look like a whale cavity/rib cage and you have shark sculptures ominously circling overhead.  The "whale rib" structure in the main dining room is actually a color-changing LED light installation that serves to cover the bow truss supports of the building and helps make this industrial space feel more contemporary.   The restaurant takes it's name, Monstro, from the whale in Pinocchio.  All CAD work, 3D models and renderings for this project were created using Revit Architecture.  

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: Lead Designer