Seth Dunn

Seth Dunn

San Francisco, CA, US


The Center for Environmental Therapeutics

The Center for Environmental Therapeutics is a clinic and sanctuary exploring the way the physical environment creates healing properties. Located in the Portland’s OHSU district on the South Waterfront, the building serves as a urban retreat to help users maintain balance during Portland’s disparate seasons. Through the manipulation of phenomenological information and the procession of sensory stimulation, the center results in clients that feel rejuvenated and have a renewed sense of vigor.  


The main users of the building are those affected with Seasonal Affective Disorder, Circadian Rhythm Disorders as well as those who simply want to enjoy the building’s therapeutic space. With baths located on the waterfront edge, the center takes advantage of its prime location and serves as a catalyst to bring people to the area. Thesis project while completing the Master of Architecture program at the University of Oregon at Portland.

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Status: School Project
Location: Portland, OR, US
My Role: Thesis Project