Bogdan Seredyak

Bogdan Seredyak

New York, NY, US




The pool is large. Thousands of Mongolian migrants have flocked to Ulaanbaatar in the 20 years since the country shirked Soviet-style socialism for free-market reforms. Like many post-soviet territories, Mongolia has been struggling with paying for education and medical expenses. The proposed plan would intervene Ulan-Bator in its poorest regions by creating a system of networked squares that would be programmatically different throughout their spread. This would allow for better distribution and or collection of goods which are required by the residents of the poorer areas. Their program would also vary throughout the different time periods, thus allowing for multipurpose design and greater accessibility. [C.P.N.E] is the cultural matrix that individuals create for themselves in a world where access to “distant” cultural resources has expanded enormously. It is a fusion of the near with the far, the traditional with the new, the relatively unmediated with the multi-mediated in order to create discursive worlds that transform life experience and radically reconfigure the meaning of cultural space.

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Status: School Project
Location: Ulaanbaatar, MN