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Scott Levine

Westford, MA, US

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Experienced senior/lead level UX/Experience Design Consultant, with years of client facing experience in financial services, energy pipeline management, and eCommerce. I have worked for some of the largest companies in the world, and billions of dollars in assets are traded daily through systems I helped design. My skills range from combining disparate pieces of data into an easy to understand visualization, and breaking down processes into usable actions, to telling stories through experiences. I strive to create designs which can be absorbed and acted upon quickly. Often in business, all the competitors have access to the same information. I can help the client see that information in a better way, so that they can reach better decisions.

I see experience design as not limited to just a screen, it can, and often should, incorporate sight, sound, and touch. Experience design from a back office application to a consumer portal is an extension of a brand, and should carry that brand's look, feel, and philosophy. 



AIR Worldwide, Boston, MA, US, Information Architect

• Responsible for re-imagining the information architecture and user experience for Touchstone; and industry leading catastrophe analytics platform
• Collaborated with a team of product managers, developers and business leads to create new products to address new market opportunities
• Designed “Enterprise Solutions”, a next generation exposure management and underwriting tool
• Researched and recommended new technologies to address implementation issues and move AIR’s products towards modern standards.

Jun 2016 - current

Collaborative Consulting, Burlington, MA, US, Principle UX Architect

As one of the senior members of the UX team, drove projects for a ground up redesign for PERAC, the Massachusetts public sector retirement board regulatory body. Additional work included projects for MBTA, Tableau and others.

Jun 2015 - May 2016

Oracle Corportation, Cambridge, MA, US, Senior UX Designer - Endeca, Oracle Big Data Discovery

• As part of a 4 person UX team, designed a revolutionary tool for Big Data Curation and Analysis. This tool is the only application available that can natively ingest, clean, transform, and provide a comprehensive cataloging and analysis framework for a Hadoop ecosystem. To be featured at Open World in October 2014 and released in December 2014.

• Spearheaded a redesign effort aimed at turning a portal based application into a modern, responsive app optimized for both tablet and desktop use.

• Introduced information sharing, collaboration features, and presentation features to the system, opening new opportunities for collaborative discovery work and new levels of potential users.

• Initiated and conducted research aimed at adapting our product from traditional databases to a Hadoop based, cloud system.

• Conducted competitive analysis within several verticals to understand the state of analytics technology and identify opportunities.

Jun 2013 - Jun 2015

Sapient Global Markets, Boston, MA, US, Senior Information Architect

Client Work:
Project Lead - Chevron Information Management Pitch
• Lead a team of designers in creating a proposal for an information management system.

• System included a large scale information display for traders detailing what pricing information would be updated when, as well as a diagnostic tool for IT to determine the status of any contributing data feed by the contributing system including usage/breakage trends and abnormal system behaviors.

• Broke a system previously managed on a multipage spreadsheet down to a single screen available on any mobile device.

• The pitch was successful bringing in immediate work for the Visualization team and opening up a larger project to create a visualization to manage the location of every barrel of oil on every ship in their fleet.

Design Lead - Citibank Dodd/Frank Regulatory Risk Management Pitch
• Lead a team of designers in creating a proposal for desktop/tablet app which allows risk managers to view their level of compliance with regulatory standards across business units and see those levels compared to their position under federally mandated stress testing.

• This system also allows risk management of business units broken down to the individual trading desk.

• The system allows the user to easily see how their risk compliance trends from any previous date, and allows the user to create custom stress scenarios.

• The designs were successful not only in winning the intended pitch, but in generating new work from existing clients.

Design Lead – Fidelity Investments (PWI)
• Lead a team of designers, copywriters, and usability experts through redesign efforts for several pages within the Accounts and Trade areas of

• Redesigned Active Trader Balances to reflect available margin and aging deposits information.

• Redesigned the extended hours trading ticket to allow for cross session trading.

• Lead the effort to design a vision for an integrated modal trade ticket.

• Created a prototype of an adaptive modal trade ticket to evangelize a vision for future trading functionality on

Fidelity Investments (FIMT) – EWS and Intrepid
• Conducted requirements gathering sessions with SME’s and application users of Intrepid (a database management application used to manage identities and relationships of business’s and securities.

• Designed all wireframes for the Business Entity portion of Intrepid.

• Created an innovative graphical relationship explorer for Intrepid.

• Built a XAML prototype of the future state of EWS.

• Designed an integrated dashboard for EWS.

• Designed a visualization of %bet vs benchmark divided by sector and market capitalization to allow users to quickly asses the overall positioning and %bet within a fund.

Fidelity Investments (FIMT) – Money Market Trading
• Conducted contextual inquiries and workshops to illicit requirements from traders.

• Developed several model interaction designs to refine ideas for trading ticket interactions.

• Built a XAML prototype in Visual Studio to test the winning design.

• Completed visual designs for a series of auxiliary applications in the Money Market Suite of applications.

• Designed the IA for a launcher to integrate the different applications and launch a mint-ticket for quick trading.

Business Analyst/Information Architect – Wellington Management
• Designed the user experience for a document management and delivery application.

• Developed a set of interactions which automate a time consuming, non-linear, manual process which had no previous sense of workflow.

• Conducted multiple workshops to surface hidden complexities in the current delivery process.

Vitamin Water
• Designed the interaction model for a youth oriented blog/portal.

• Produced wireframes for the entirety of the experience.

First Data
• Designed the interaction model for an interactive quiz.

• Produced wireframes for the entirety of the experience.

• Served as art director for vetting visual designs.

CSC User Portal
• Worked with a small design team to redesign a portal for a major web hosting company.

• Produced wireframes for several site areas.

• Served as art director for vetting visual designs.

UBS Future Trader Desktop
• Interviewed end users and application developers.

• Conducted contextual inquiries of traders to determine trader behavior.

• Produced and extensive audit of UI patterns in existing UBS applications.

• Produced a document of recommended UI standards for components going forward.

• Produced wireframes for application areas.

• Produced a animated Flash executive summary for presentation to executives.

Brightstar RPLM
• Designed a system to manage the sales of cell phones across 5000 stores in Russia.

• Produced all wireframes for the project.

• Worked under a tight deadline. Less than 4 weeks from concept to delivered prototype.

The Hartford Business Tab RFP
• Provided the overall concept and initial information architecture for a pitch to the Hartford.

• Introduced the concept of Social Proofing to Sapient.

• Participated in the pitch to The Hartford.

• The pitch was successful, generating a multi-year relationship with Sapient.

May 2010 - Feb 2013

VistaPrint, Lexington, MA, US, Information Architect

• Responsible for UX design and optimization of a large, complex ecommerce site. Specific site area responsibilities include Vistaprint's product pages, product gallery, design studio, checkout flow, account hub and taxonomy.

• Created wireframes, process flows, site archives and other documentation.

• Lead JAD sessions to brainstorm designs with a focus on customer and business goals, and through these sessions designed multivariant tests to gauge the effectiveness of various designs in terms of customer conversion, user drop off, and average order value.

• Designed internal tools to help content copywriters create and manage a copy library for use in Vistaprint products.

• Designed visionware to help justify business cases for future projects.

• Worked in an extremely rigorous team environment. My designs added an estimated $50,000 in incremental revenue every quarter across site areas.

Jun 2009 - May 2010

Freelance Interactive Designer, Boston, MA, US, Freelance Interactive Designer

Past clients have included One to One Interactive, EMI Strategic Marketing, Fidelity Investments, State Street Bank, The Hartford, Hill Holliday, Cramer Productions, Staples, Captains of Industry, Dunkin Donuts, and more.

Career Highlights:

• Responsible for all concepting, information architecture, visual design and development strategy for a boutique advertising agency. Designed email templates, banner ads, micro-sites, brand redesigns of existing sites, multimedia experiences, and site proposals for new business. Clients include State Street Bank, The Hartford, Dotwell Health Organizations, First State, Compass Bank, EMI Strategic Marketing, Washington Gateway, Pony Farm and others.

• In team of 2 people, built the entire web site for a multi-billion dollar telecom company within 4 weeks. Designed pages, navigation, architecture and developed content in XHTML. Site contained hundreds of pages and needed to be built under a tight deadline due to a corporate merger.

• Created wire frames, process flows, and visual designs for Fidelity's Destination site, a future-vision project designed to reintroduce Fidelity's web presence as an information portal. Designed all information architecture and visual styles for the search engine, login functionality, news and commentary, and mortgage tools. Designed for AJAX and FLEX development technologies. Worked with developers using Agile rapid development methodology, allowing us to redeploy entire feature-sets every two weeks. Conducted usability studies to asses the effectiveness of the architecture, and incorporated the results into the designs. Worked with business partners and senior management to make sure strategic objectives were being met through design. Created a new Destination Site-specific style-guide including standards for all spacing, fonts, colors, tables, tabs, and other design elements. Managed the entire fit and finish process across development teams to make sue each release was up to our specified standard.

• Designed landing pages, banner ads, and site sections for a major banking and investment website. Worked with Information architects to asses design requirements, and based on their wire frames, developed a visual look and feel. Provided all development specs to the development teams and checked their finished work for accuracy.

• Developed two highly involved Flash websites simultaneously, for a boutique advertising agency. Built the Dunkin Donuts "D-Stop" entertainment site which launched as part of their "America Run's on Dunkin" campaign. This site included video entertainment, games, and video e-cards as well as promotional materials for Dunkin Donuts presented in a fun, animated, style. Also built Captain's of Industry's web site. This site was developed to show off the Captain's unique style, and included viral videos, slide shows, and various Easter Eggs hidden throughout the site. Much of this site was driven with XML documents for ease of updating.

• Through Cramer Productions, I worked in positions of rapidly increasing responsibility as part of the Price, Waterhouse, Coopers Partner's meeting tour. Each tour stop required running wireless networks hooked up via satellite to a .NET backend which drove a real-time Flash polling program on each participant's Ipaq handheld device. Also setup interactive devices in hospitality suites, did front-end development on web-cast programs, and ran a short seminar tour through Texas with JP Morgan Chase. Responsibilities included onsite staff management, site development, audio/video, lighting, staging, and shipping.

Jan 2005 - Jun 2009


Emerson College, Boston, MA, US, Masters, Visual and Media Arts

Equal credits in audio, video, and interactive design. Made lots of really cool stuff. Read a lot about semiotics.

Feb 2003 - Dec 2004

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, US, Bachelors, Hotel Administration

Business, finance, economics, and cooking. Concentrated in interior design.

Every elective was spent either writing, or playing music.

Aug 1995 - May 1999

Areas of Specialization