Di Chen

Di Chen

Jersey City, NJ, US



My design philosophy defines architecture as the BALANCE OF CONTRADICTIONS, such as exterior and interior, old and new, developed and undeveloped, human and nature.
By revealing the hidden opportunities behind the tensions in a certain context, my design creates architecture which can transform the crisis and problems into harmony and stimulus.
As a third year graduate student, I am really looking forward to participating in the professional world and get exposed to all the exciting issues. I believe I could be a perfect teammate to join your firm as my own experience and interest matches your design philosophy. My undergraduate background expanded my horizon to urban scale and the graduate study in UVA taught me explore further the relationship between architecture and urbanity. Therefore, I have developed a special perspective of viewing architecture as an organic part rooted in the urban, social and historical context rather than a fancy object. I strengthened my understanding about urbanity and architecture no matter in the survey about the residence in historical district, or the studio project about reusing old buildings affected by sea level rise in Norfolk or the research about the pedestrian system in Hong Kong. On the other hand, my design philosophy is to reveal the hidden opportunities beneath the conflicts and contradictions of a site. My studio project in Charlottesville is a typical example which is aimed to create a active public space to connect isolated blocks separated by a railway. Besides, my international experience in Asia, Europe and America has broadened my horizon on architecture in various cultural environment, which will benefit me a lot in future professional practice.



University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, US, MArch, architecture

Jul 2014 - May 2017


U.Va School of Architecture Design Excellence Award, Other


“S+C2011” International Competition, Honorable Mention


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