City Form Lab

City Form Lab

Singapore, SG


Design for Commercial Diversity in Cities

By asevtsuk
Apr 20, '14 9:35 AM EST

This map of Bugis - one of the most diverse and intense areas of Singapore - is a the results of a detailed survey by the City Form Lab at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. It depicts all the outdoor and publicly accessible indoor spaces within a 10-minute walking radius of the Bugis metro station, including 696 buildings, 4,952 ground floor entrances, 3,435 businesses and 2,500 dwelling units across all floors. The study explored how urban design, policy and planning can support diverse commercial activities. These ideas are highlighted in the related infographic as ten design and policy lessons that may be generalized for achieving diverse and inclusive commercial environments elsewhere.

The maps were originally published Urban Solutions issue #4, February 2014.