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Serial Series: Spring 2012 Tech Workshops

By mimiz
Feb 15, '12 6:57 PM EST

Woodbury School of Architecture is excited to announce Serial Series, group of hands-on technology workshops led by some of the most creative digital minds at work today.

The leading developers and practitioners of computational imaging and modeling hardwares, platforms, and softwares share their expertise with students, faculty, and affiliates.

Download the poster here.

Weekend Workshops
Studio Mode/modeLab, February 11-12 (read the debrief here)
Satoru Sugihara with Yasushi Ishida, February 18, 25, March 3, 10, (and an exhibition on March 20)
Christopher Connock, March 10-11
Helene Furjan and Orkan Telhan, March 31-April 1
Jason Johnson, April 7
Alexander Robinson, April 7-8
Miles Kemp, April 21-22
Sean Lally, September 8

In-class Workshops
Peter Simmonds, January 30
Andrew Atwood, January 30
Francois Perrin, February 6
Michael Manalo, February 10
Yilip Kang, February 17
Jeremy Windle, March 19
Alvin Huang, March 26
Nick Antonio, March 26
Tony Cocea, April 2
Nathan Miller, April 16
Jennifer Steinkamp, September TBD

In 2009, Woodbury School of Architecture launched its graduate program through the support of a Title V Federal Grant. The graduate offerings continue to grow and evolve through this resource. Serial Series, an example of the ongoing facilitated development, is a first step in establishing advanced coursework in building and representation technology. Serial Series has the additional support of a Maxine Frankel Award.