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The LeFevre Fellowship 2000-2017 Book Arrives

By KnowltonOSU
Oct 8, '18 12:58 PM EST

The Knowlton School announces the publication of The LeFevre Fellowship: 2000-2017, a catalog of the inquiries and proposals that developed as part of the school-sponsored fellowship, along with additional work by each fellow.

“Fellowship projects have covered history, theory, contemporary culture, media, technology, material assembly and advance techniques with respect to the design of the built environment,” commented Knowlton School Senior Lecturer Ben Wilke (MAS ’11), who edited the book. “All of the these topics have been addressed during a crucial period in which the discipline has seen the rapid development of digital processes and strategies, the consequences and potentials of which are part of the work of each fellow show here.”

The Howard E. LeFevre ’29 Emerging Practitioner Fellowship was established in the Austin E. Knowlton School of Architecture in 2000. The purpose of the fellowship is to widen the disciplinary discourse and to invigorate teaching within the school with a broad range of ideas. The LeFevre Fellowship provides an individual with a nine-month residency to investigate a specific project related to his or her overall development, to produce an exhibit and lecture concerning the work and to develop their ideas within the context of teaching an architectural design studio. 

Former LeFevre Fellows include:

Michael Silver 2000-2001

Joachim Huber 20001-2002

Janette Kim 2002-2003

Lola Sheppard & Mason White 2003-2004

Stephen Roe & Chiafang Wu 2004-2005

Andrew Kudless 2005-2006

William O’Brien Jr. 2006-2007

Jimenez Lai 2007-2008

Nick Gelpi 2008-2009

Brian Holland 2009-2010

Michael Piper 2010-2011

Brandon Clifford 2011-2012

Justin Diles 2012-2013

Curtis Roth 2013-2014

David Eskenazi 2014-2015

Carrie McKnelly 2015-2016

Galo Canizares 2016-2017