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New School Offers Autodesk Revit Training To Students Live Online

Mar 18, '13 2:33 PM EST

Las Vegas, Nevada, December, 2012 – At the Institute of Technical Design, students are taught the intricacies of the Autodesk Revit Architecture Software by experienced instructors. ITD’s Instructors have the knowledge, patience, and skills necessary to teach such a complex program using an accelerated results proven curriculum. ITD students gain a greater understanding of the material through one on one online interaction with an instructor and fellow classmates in a very low instructor-student ratio learning environment, while not having to endure months of tedious traditional textbook coursework. Both the Foundation and Intermediate courses are streamlined to provide students with just what they need to become proficient in using the software.

The beginner’s Foundation class is completed in only four weeks. During this time, intensive training by our instructors ensures that ITD students learn the basics of the Revit Architecture Software, including building models and using tools for parametric designs. Other topics include how to create drafting, and detail views, as well as construction and design detail documentation. The Foundation class covers all of the basic topics that must be mastered before moving on to the intermediate level. At ITD, our instructors are available to discuss any problems and topics of interest with students on a daily basis. Also, as part of our commitment to education, we also offer live online studio sessions where students can get help in a one-to-one student-to-teacher ratio learning environment

After completing the Foundation Course, students may opt to further their skill set by taking our Intermediate Level Course. This class lasts twelve weeks and covers many of the advanced topics that build upon the Foundation Courses Curriculum. During the Intermediate course the student begins to truly learn how to manipulate and use the Autodesk Revit Architecture Software to their full advantage. Some of the topics covered include: creating 3D views, modifying elevation and section views, applying constraints, and creating additional features such as custom stairs, railings, and curtain walls. As with the Foundation course, one-to-one instruction is provided to ensure that our students gain a good understanding of the capabilities of this amazing industry standard software.

Instructors at the Institute of Technical Design view learning as an ongoing process that doesn’t simply end when the coursework is complete. Students who take courses through ITD are eligible to join the exclusive Revit Club which meets each month to discuss evolving topics related to the software and its usage. This is a great way for students to not only maintain business and personal contacts, but to learn new functions which may be included in future releases of the software.

The Institute of Technical Design is devoted to the success of each student by giving them the knowledge required to use the Revit software in innovative and creative ways. In order to achieve this success, ITD is always challenging students to excel and think about unique solutions to common problems. ITD’s goal is to push for excellence which leads to greater learning and mastery of the software.

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