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XJTLU invites applications for third review round - RIBA Part 2 MArchDes 50% scholarships

By XLarchAdmin
Mar 16, '18 11:16 AM EST
Diagram, Deng Siqi, XJTLU MArchDes RIBA Part 2
Diagram, Deng Siqi, XJTLU MArchDes RIBA Part 2

The XJTLU masters entry scholarships of up to 50 percent of the total programme tuition fee are available for all full-time masters programmes, including the Master of Architectural Design (RIBA Part 2).

The Master of Architectural Design (RIBA Part 2) programme at XJTLU prepares students for an international career in architecture, creating bridges between Eastern and Western culture. Understanding mobility as one of the core conditions of global modernity, the programme prepares international students for a career related to China, as well as domestic students for both national and international careers. The Master of Architectural Design focuses on architectural design studios as well as on humanistic and technical modules in preparation for both professional practice and PhD-level studies. It offers an international perspective, while at the same time enabling students to address the demands of rapid modernisation in China, and takes its local context as a driver for developing studio design briefs and frameworks leading to the edge of current debates.

Interested candidates are encouraged to visit the MArchDes’ website. The most recent yearbook showcases examples of students' works.



Candidates who wish to have their applications considered for the third review round are advised to submit before April 01.

We offer a generous entry scholarship of up to 50 percent of the total programme tuition fee for all full-time masters programmes based on academic merit. Your indication of interest during the online programme application process and a scholarship application letter are required to be considered for an XJTLU masters scholarship. Scholarships are available for full-time study only, and there are currently no scholarships available for part-time programmes. You are encouraged to apply early for admission to XJTLU master’s programmes to ensure availability of scholarship opportunities.

The meeting schedule for masters entry scholarship panel is:

  • First round - mid December 2018
  • Second round - mid March 2018
  • Third round - early May 2018
  • Fourth round - early June 2018
  • Fifth round - late July 2018

Other scholarships are available for both international and local students and range from 10 to 50 percent of tuition for each award. For the deadlines please see the website at:

The official WeChat channel of XJTLU's Department of Architecture publishes information in both English and Chinese on the educational programmes and on events. To receive these news, please scan the QR code using your WeChat application.