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NewSchool of Architecture and Design Sr. Thesis: Vertical Residential Communities to Enhance Quality of Life in Nigeria

By NewSchoolSanDiego
Jun 18, '13 7:14 PM EST

Student: Lilian Atunzu, NewSchool of Architecture and Design Master of Architecture program. Class of 2013.
Thesis Title: 7re-Define the Human Experience. Within the Concrete Jungle of Ajegunle, Lagos, Nigeria
Thesis Advisor: Mitra Kanaani and Dan Manlongat
Rendering Credit: Lilian Atunzu/NSAD

Thesis Summary: The goal of this thesis is to demonstrate how architectural design can create a more integrated, economically-dynamic society while increasing quality of life in regards to health, safety, density, and climatic issues.  These concepts are explored through the proposed designs for urban developments in Ajegunle, Lagos, Nigeria. In order to resolve the growing disparity of housing in relation to population overgrowth, this thesis focuses primarily on designing vertical residential communities that create a space to work and play. The urban design also encourages locals to embrace waste management strategies and supports the concept of “less is more” while supporting the idea of community. Ultimately, the building vocabulary creates a sense of pride for the people of Nigeria, becoming the prototype for sustainability and efficiency. Well-planned communities such as the one proposed here also allow for better access from neighboring towns, resulting in the stimulation of the informal economic sector and the general well-being of life. 

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