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NewSchool of Architecture and Design Sr. Thesis: Sustainability Design in Saudi Arabia

By NewSchoolSanDiego
Jun 21, '13 12:19 PM EST

Thesis Title: Sustainable Architecture in Hot Desert Climate of Saudi Arabia
Student: Turki Alzahrani, NewSchool of Architecture and Design Master of Architecture program. Class of 2013

Thesis Advisor: Mitra Kanaani
Rendering Credit: Turki Alzahrani/NSAD

Thesis Summary: With the rise of global warming, the consideration of comfort within a controlled environment is critical, particularly in Saudi Arabia. Currently, the concern for designing solely based on aesthetics is dominating the field of architecture within this region, creating a negative impact of the quality of the built environment.  Namely, the energy efficiency in Saudi Arabia is not taken into account in building designs the same way it is in other countries.  In fact, the numbers of designed buildings for sustainability in Saudi Arabia are still limited compared to the size of traditional buildings and “ill” buildings, with the high cost in the consumption of the energy, and the solid substances that used in the buildings. This begs the question of how well these modern buildings respond to environmental conditions and fulfill climatic comfort needs.  This thesis attempts to investigate ways of using sustainable architecture for a desert climate to achieve better levels of energy efficiency in a research facility. Extensive research has proved performative architecture to be a viable solution for extreme climatic issues such as heat. With the incorporation of responsive building materials and data analysis, this conceptual research facility becomes a paradigm for architects, encouraging site-specific architecture that addresses the welfare and health of its end users.

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