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Food carts inspire NewSchool of Architecture and Design class project

By NewSchoolSanDiego
Jul 6, '12 1:49 PM EST

A design studio at NewSchool of Architecture and Design headed by instructor Hector Perez explored the unusual typology of human-propelled food carts. The project was done in collaboration with another NSAD design studio lead by NSAD instructor Casey Mahon that explored digital manipulations of surface. The integrated assignments challenged the second year architecture undergraduate students to explore the interaction possibilities of food carts in a parking lot near San Diego’s downtown ball park. The hypothetical scenario -  in which sections of the parking lot could be designated as spaces for the food carts during tailgating events -  encouraged students to evaluate the relationships between sites and projects (the parking lot) and social dynamics (the tailgating scene). Such explorations of function, scale and site form the basis of any architecture or design project, and allows students to develop skills they can use in the future for projects as small as a food cart and as large as a skyscraper.

 The NSAD YouTube Channel has videos of two of the food cart projects developed during the course: One is a tamale food cart created by NSAD student Arnulfo Rodriguez (included in this post):

 The other is a sushi food cart developed by NSAD student Jonathan Chau:


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NSAD student Arnulfo Rodriguez (who just completed his 2nd year) explains how he developed this design for a tamale food cart.