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Dr. Bill Barnes, former Dean of Architecture and Construction Management, remembered

By Ed Akins
Sep 11, '12 9:06 AM EST

Dr. Wilson (Bill) Barnes, who retired this past June as dean emeritus of the School of Architecture and Construction Management, passed away on Sun., Sept. 9, in Pittsfield, Mass.

Dr. Barnes was appointed as dean of what was then the School of Architecture, Civil Engineering Technology and Construction Management in July of 2001 and served in that capacity for 11 years.

The school boasts the only nationally accredited professional Bachelor of Architecture in Georgia – a five-year degree that includes two years of design foundation and three years of professional courses – and one of the longest-running construction management (CM) programs in Georgia.

“Bill’s focus was always on the built environment, especially in the area of adaptive reuse,” said Dr. Szafran. “When everyone was talking about tearing down Building I and replacing it with an engineering technology building, Bill had a different vision of adaptively reusing it as studio space. The I-1 and I-2 design studios on this campus are the result, with I-2 having won multiple awards and I-1’s renovation scheduled for completion in a few weeks. That is a fine legacy.”

Vice President for Academic Affairs Zvi Szafran has appointed Prof. C. Richard Cole interim dean of the School of Architecture and Construction Management following the retirement of Dean Bill Barnes in June. 

The search for a permanent dean will open fall 2013.