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Weitzman School Launches New Master of Science in Design: Robotics and Autonomous Systems

By Weitzman
Oct 21, '19 12:05 PM EST

This one-year post-professional program launches in Fall 2020 in the Department of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania Weitzman School of Design.

The Master of Science in Design: Robotics and Autonomous Systems [MSD-RAS] aims to critically develop novel approaches to the design, manufacturing, construction, use, and life-cycle of architecture through creative engagement with robotics, material systems, and design-computation.

Students will develop skills in advanced forms of robotic fabrication, simulation, and artificial intelligence, in order to develop methods for design that harness production or live adaptation as a creative opportunity.

Robotically manufactured architectural prototypes (part or whole) will be developed by students and presented and exhibited at the completion of the course.

Why Robotics in Architecture?

The MSD-RAS program will enable graduates to

  • Gain state of the art robotics, material fabrication, and design-computation qualifications
  • Develop skills in advanced methods of fabrication, computation, robot programming and multi-modal sensing technologies, and their integration within innovative design methods
  • Expand career opportunities and options to work in ambitious and diverse fields
  • Impact the present and future trajectory of architecture through novel forms of production, practice, and entrepreneurship
  • Operate at the forefront of industry research and development

Join Us!

Application Deadline: January 2, 2020

Program Director
Robert Stuart-Smith 

Department of Architecture Chair
Winka Dubbeldam, Assoc. AIA 

Program Faculty
Robert Stuart-Smith, Andrew Saunders, Dorit Aviv, Ezio Blasetti, among others