University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Los Angeles, CA


RUMBLE film premieres

Nov 1, '11 4:18 PM EST


RUMBLE, our annual end-of-year exposition, is a major event that crystallizes our passionate commitment to sharing idea-driven work beyond UCLA. During two days in June, RUMBLE brings together critics, alumni, faculty, and friends to grapple with a broad range of rigorous research and speculation created by students at the school over the course of the academic year. Since launching it in 2006, RUMBLE has become highly anticipated by a wide audience of students, critics and designers from Los Angeles and across the globe. Heartened by its broad appeal and success, as a novel and inspirational vehicle for staging project reviews, we invited filmmaker David Fenster to document the bold vibe and vitality of RUMBLE in spring 2011.

In a matter of minutes the film captures the lively, spirited proceedings of RUMBLE.  Through snippets of conversations and glimpses from project critiques, a kick-off symposium, and the event at large, the film quickly conveys the commingling of the energy and smarts of the street with those of the school. The breadth and depth of talent and intelligence assembled not only gives the work its due but also, more importantly, opens it up to further points of view and new intellectual horizons.

Indeed this search for new horizons is what characterizes and animates RUMBLE. Because this is a challenging time for our field we strive to continue fearless searches for new ideas along multiple trajectories. By providing each student and studio with an opportunity to showcase work in a significant arena, RUMBLE attests to our embrace of fresh approaches in the face of new challenges. We think David Fenster’s film communicates this tremendous energy and our commitment to progressive design and discourse.   We hope that you enjoy RUMBLE 2011.