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Clemson Architecture alumni sponsor new alternative careers lecture series

By webates
Apr 1, '24 3:40 PM EST

The School of Architecture is launching a new lecture series, “Alternative Careers in Architecture.” The first lecture in the series will be held on March 27, 2024, at the Clemson Design Center in Charleston, from 12:20 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Sponsored by Jeff and Melissa Pitts, the new lecture series was created to bring the workplace and the real estate world to Clemson University students by providing visibility to paths within architecture.

“As a Clemson student, I loved what architecture was about, but I knew I didn’t want to sit behind a table all day drawing plans,” Jeff Pitts explained. “When I asked about other career paths and how to leverage my education, no one could provide any guidance.  Fast forward, there is a broad and global world looking for the educational insights and experiences gained from the architectural curriculum and opportunities to apply those skills and competencies in different roles.”

Finding one’s passion

The series will bring global industry leaders to campus to share insights and discuss current initiatives, tips for career advancement and the paths that led them to success. Additionally, speakers will address the current global challenges in real estate and share their experience with projects in real estate, investment, workplace innovation, global emerging trends, risks and opportunities. Topics will range from workplace community and associate experience to workplace strategy and innovation and even communities of practice.

“It is important to find one’s passion and where we can make a difference,” Pitts said. “Recognizing there are multiple paths to achieve that success generates exciting opportunities to explore and prosper.”

For Pitts, this lecture series is a way to show architecture students that there are ways for them to make a difference.

“The ability for architecture students to make a difference can be huge; knowing there are multiple career paths that one can take that capitalize on their skills, interests and experiences can be quite exciting,” explained Pitts.

Inaugural speaker

The series’ inaugural speaker is Scott Ekman, the VP of Workplace Strategy and Site Operations at Adobe. Ekman will speak on career paths and help students determine what may work best for them. Additionally, Ekman will share his experience around his professional journey in concert with a cool workplace solution implemented to drive engagement and experience for Adobe employees in Atlanta.

As the series grows and evolves throughout the next few years, Pitts hopes it can create connections for Clemson students and Real Estate Executives to support and learn from one another while creating strategic workplace environments and experiences that allow associates to do their best work.