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SA+P Press: Keller Gallery Exhibition Catalogues

By darrenb
Jan 16, '15 6:29 PM EST
Keller Gallery Exhibition Catalogues 2013-2014
Keller Gallery Exhibition Catalogues 2013-2014

Since its founding in 2011, the Keller Gallery at MIT Architecture has set out to challenge the nature and limits of design discourse in an exhibition format. The gallery brings the spirit of debate, ambition, and design into the heart of the school. Each exhibition catalog compiles a combination of project images, opening photos, and commissioned texts. Together, the compact publications touch upon the immediacy of the exhibition itself, as well as a consideration of the context and conversations that surround it.


Volume 3: 2013-2014
Design: TwoPoints.Net

Personal Space

99 Marginal Street
Landing Studio 

Space-Time 1964-2014
Jorge-Otero Pailos with the MIT Edgerton Center and the MIT Museum 
Essay contributions by Martha Buskirk, Andrei Pop, Laura Raskin, Mechtild Widrich

Get to Work
Room Studio featuring A:LOG 

New Massings for New Masses
Milliøns: John J. May and Zeina Koreitem 
Essay contributions by Andrew Atwood and Kiel MoeIrene Hwang, Editor
Kyle Barker, Nathan Friedman, Mariel Villere, Elizabeth Yarina; Assistant Editors


Volume 2: 2012-2013 
Design: TwoPoints.Net

Objects by Architects
Sarah Hirschman
Featuring the work of: Cheryl Baxter, Deger Cengiz, Chiaozza, Atelier FCJZ, Barbara Flanagan, FTF Design Studio, Graypants, Höweler + Yoon/MY STUDIO, Incorporated, Fiyel Levent, Lightexture, Atelier Manferdini, Molo, Moorhead & Moorhead, MOS, NADAAA, Nervous Systems, Rael San Fratello, Stanley Saitowitz
With essays by Christianna Bonin, "Between Paint & Paper: Remaking the Bauhaus Object" and Mariel Villere, "Model Subjects"

Patterning by Heat
Felicia Davis and Delia Dumitrescu 

Certain Aspects of Architectural Form
William O'Brien Jr.

Feeling Contexts
C+S Architects: Carlo Cappai and Maria Alessandra Segantini
With an introduction by Nader Tehrani, "The Delicate Instrumentality of Infrastructure" and essays by Fulvio Irace, "Venetian Landscaping", and an interview with C+S by Silvio Carta, "Architectural Generosity"

Incremental Change: AtFAB Status Report
Anne Filson and Gary Rohrbacher
With essays by Matthijs Bouw, "Towards a Generous Architecture," and "The Politics of Production" by Michael Kubo