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USC Graduate Architecture: The process is the product.

Alvin Huang, AIA
Nov 23, '22 12:18 PM EST

For some people, the process is simply a means to an end. To others, the journey means just as much as the destination.

At USC graduate architecture, we see design as a process. It is a process of mastering a wide range of design skills and representational techniques. It is a process of leveraging technology and enabling innovation. It is a process of embracing craft through making, prototyping, and fabricating. It is a process of advocating for communities and working with them, not for them. It is a process of thinking critically about the world around us, of challenging convention and speculating about what could be.

At USC graduate architecture, the process is the product.

We offer the following graduate architecture degrees:

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Monday, January 2, 2023 is the priority deadline for fall 2023 admissions. Please note that this is not the final deadline; USC School of Architecture has a rolling admissions policy. We will continue to review applications and application materials until the final deadline of July 1 (May 1 for International Applicants), if space is available. 

Please keep in mind that in order to be considered for priority admission and merit-based scholarships, you must submit all requested application materials by the priority admission deadline: January 2nd, 2022 (PST). Items like Official Transcripts, Official Test Scores (English Proficiency), and Letters of Recommendation must be received by or before the deadline. Pending or missing items may delay admission review. 

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USC Architecture: The Process is the Product