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Drawing Creepy Places: Representing Liminal Space of Kuruman - South Africa: Dr. Sechaba Maape

By veronicamadonna
Jun 18, '20 1:22 PM EST

Open Architecture, South Africa and Athabasca University RAIC Centre for Architecture, Canada

Global Studio Lecture Series presents: 

Dr. Sechaba Maape Senior Lecturer, School of Architecture and Planning Wits University, Johannesburg 

Date/Time:  Thursday, June 25th, 2020 at 9:00am – 10:30am Mountain Time (Canada) UTC -6

Venue: Online Video Conference

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Sacred sites have been studied and discussed by scholars in the disciplines of architecture, anthropology and archaeology. Within these disciplines these spaces are typically represented using Western objective and scientific methods of representation including cut plans and sections, as well as laser scans. Using the case study of two ritual sites in the Kuruman area of the northern Cape province as case studies, the following paper will argue that modern methods of representation have the potential to strip away the value of these spaces for those who use them for their spiritual and ritual purposes. The paper will explore forms of representations that engage ritual spaces towards revealing their value for local practitioners who still use them, as well as humanity at large. The paper will discuss the significance of these places as liminal spaces through which humans gain the capacity to inhabit this earth. The paper will conclude by discussing the need for better understanding these spaces in relation to our contemporary global crises, and the role of representation of these spaces towards deeper forms of habitation.


Participants who attend the full 90-minute session will be granted a Certificate of Completion to apply for professional development credits recognized by the following institutes.

  • Alberta Association of Architects (AAA) | 1.5 Structured Learning Hour
  • Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) | 1.5 Structured Learning Hour
  • Cape Institute for Architecture (CIfA) | 0.25 Category 1 CPD Credits
  • Gauteng Institute for Architecture (GIFA) | 0.25 Category 1 CPD Credits
  • KwaZulu Natal Institute for Architecture (SAIA-KZN) | 0.25 Category 1 CPD Credits

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