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Afreetekture: The principles of a design school from a parallel dimension

By veronicamadonna
Apr 30, '21 8:52 PM EST

Free online lecture.

Dr. Sechaba Maape Senior Lecturer, School of Architecture and Planning, Wits University, Johannesburg South Africa

Date:  May 5th, 2021

Time:  9:00am – 10:30am (MDT)

Venue: Online Video Conference

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In Abantutopia, a parallel South Africa free from the shacklesof colonialism and inequality, Afreetekture is the spiritual education and practice of designing human habitation. In Afreetekture school, elders, of which the majority are indigenous people from Abantutopia, are responsible for shaping not only the minds of Afreetekt initiates, but also their souls. The Afreetekt elders are custodians of antient wisdom, while also being experts in their technological and intellectual craft. They undergo deep spiritual training, spending at least 10 years learning from other elders, prolonged hours visiting ancestral spaces like caves and rock shelters, as well as harnessing their technical knowledge and skill. 

The Afreetekt initiates are also mainly indigenous members of Abantutopia, which is merely a reflection of the demographic. They begin their curriculum by forming a community. This community, among the initiates, becomes the strongest resource they have. They create an identity, sing songs around great towers of fire under the vast cosmos establishing deep bonds, and ultimately design artefacts that become physical symbols of their bond. This, along with other elements of training, are key parts of the education of initiates before launching them into the spiritual practice of Afreetekture design.

The school of Afreetekture, its physical design was administered by ancient elders, and remains an orientating device for all those coming to learn. The walls of the school are lined with pictures of great elders such as William Edward Burghardt Du Bois, Léopold Sédar Senghor, Aimé Césaire, Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa, Mmakgabo Mmapula Mmangankato Helen Sebidi and Frantz Fanon. 

AFREEKETURE is a design practice established in a dimension called Abantutopia. The values of the practice are derived from the indigenous knowledge of Abantutopia.


Participants who attend the full 90-minute session will be granted a Certificate of Completion to apply for professional development credits recognized by the following institutes.

  • Alberta Association of Architects (AAA) | 1.5 Structured Learning Hour
  • Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) | 1.5 Structured Learning Hour
  • Cape Institute for Architecture (CIfA) | 0.25 Category 1 CPD Credits
  • Gauteng Institute for Architecture (GIFA) | 0.25 Category 1 CPD Credits
  • KwaZulu Natal Institute for Architecture (SAIA-KZN) | 0.25 Category 1 CPD Credits

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