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Naturally Animated Architecture

By 1nute
Dec 2, '18 8:56 PM EST

This video and audio augmented book explains how the natural movements
of the sun, wind and rain can be used to improve the well-being of people in buildings and raise awareness of sustainable living practices. In demonstrating how buildings can be designed to reconcile their traditional role as shelter from the elements with the active inclusion of their movement, the book shows how, in the process of separating us from the extremes of the natural world, architecture
can also be a means of reconnecting us with nature.

A selection of the books videos can be seen at:

The book's more than fifty videos can also be viewed in the hardback
edition by scanning its still photosusing a smart phone app.

Kevin Nute is a professor of architecture at the University of Oregon. His other books include an i-Book version of the current work:
Vital: Using the Weather to Bring Buildings and Sustainability to Life (2014); Place, Time and Being in Japanese Architecture (2004); and Frank Lloyd Wright and Japan (1993).

The hardback edition of Naturally Animated Architecture is available from World Scientific:

The eBook is available from Amazon,Kobo and Apple:




Naturally Animated Architecture