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Free School of Architecture to expand Enrollment for 2017

By FreeSchoolofArchitecture
Feb 2, '17 7:00 PM EST

Due to an unexpected surge in applications, the Free School of Architecture (FSA) will significantly increase its inaugural class size for 2017.  

"With over 550 global subscribers and applicants only 6 months after the launching the concept, it seems like the initial projection for a class of 12 students falls far short of demand," says FSA founder Peter Zellner. "The goal now is to double or triple the incoming class size to 24 or 36 students in 2017, moving FSA much closer a projected enrollment of 50 students by 2020."

In the coming month FSA will announce its Board of Advisers as well as prepare a series of free public discussions on the state of architectural education. 

About the The Free School of Architecture:

The Free School of Architecture (FSA) is a tuition and salary free, not-for-profit organization. The Free School of Architecture will launch in June 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

Founded by designer and educator Peter Zellner, the Free School of Architecture will explore the edges of architectural education-- promoting free inquiry, discourse and debate.  

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