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Space Architecture Student Selected to Participate in Russian "Space Development-Theory and Practice" Program

Dawit Rezene
Aug 9, '11 11:30 AM EST
Gerald D. Hines College Of Architecture - Space Architecture
Gerald D. Hines College Of Architecture - Space Architecture

Olga Bannova, Research Associate Professor
David Ladewig, Graduate Student

David Ladewig participated in a very ambitious, intensive and interesting International program hosted by the prestigious Bauman Moscow  State Technical University (MGTU) from July 1 - 13. Olga Bannova was selected to serve as a group leader for the event. The US participation was sponsored by the James A. Baker  III Institute for Public Policy (Rice University).

Participating students were selected on a competitive basis. The unique international program “Space Development – Theory and Practice” has been hosted by the Bauman University for the past 23 years. This year’s participation included students from the USA, Mexico, Switzerland, Australia, UK, Germany, France, Greece, Sweden, Italy, South Korea and Russia/MGTU.

The press release on the event can be found on the Russian Space Agency Mission Control website:  (You will need to click the link, click English up near the top left, and then hit the back button to be able to read the article if you don't read Russian)