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Apply Now for China's first, and only, full MArch in English at Tsinghua University, Beijing! World-wide accredited.

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Jan 21, '14 4:35 AM EST
International Tsinghua students, fall semester 2013
International Tsinghua students, fall semester 2013

The international Masters in Architecture program at Tsinghua University, ranked 1st in China overall, and 1st in Architecture as well. Our English program provides a small, exclusive and intensive 1,5-2 years program that leads to a globally accredited* MArch degree in architecture. Established in 2008, a maximum of 15 students are accepted each year, coming from all five continents.

Our director, internationally acclaimed architect Li Xiaodong, has created a program that combines a critical, academic atmosphere with real-world issues. Based on a theory of reflexive regionalism, the program follows the school's tradition of integrating a critical understanding of regional conditions with a global, multi-disciplinary network environment.

Through this program, the school aims to establish a progressive network environment, the 'Tsinghua World Lab', in which the discipline of architecture goes beyond the mere construction of objects.

The courses are all taught in English and are open for both foreign and domestic students.
(the balance is about 60-40, 60% international). The tuition fee for the whole program is 120,000 RMB, which equals about 15,000 EUR or 20,000 USD, for the 2 years in total.

Please find our full brochure on Issuu:, which includes info on the courses/ curriculum, experiences of previous students, a selection of student work and the application requirements.

Deadline for application is February 28th.

In contrast to much of contemporary architecture education, which is either highly formal, or highly abstract, our students deal with real world issues, real projects and real interventions.

Ideologically, the school is concerned with contributing to the processes that integrally shape our living environment. We nest architecture into the wider development of cities and their respective regions. Through the establishment of our international MArch. track in 2008, we intend to enlarge the reach of these ideals and to further engage in the international dialogue.

Our overall vision has three main objectives.
First of all is the will to create a top architectural program with good facilities combined with high quality education. In order to achieve this we attract prominent professors from around the world and combine them with the top of contemporary Chinese professors. In addition we provide a 24/7 accessible studio environment for our selected group of students in this international program.

Secondly, the program is to promote international interaction with national & international students and faculty.

Thirdly, we connect practice and theory. Our studio topics and sites often concern actual projects and design challenges. They open up the opportunity to practice architecture in the best companies and architectural studios in Beijing, through internships or as part of a particular project team.

The 1,5 to 2-year full-time course**  is divided into semesters. In the first year, students address issues such as globalization in relation to local identity, modern city planning, industrial heritage transformation, and green building design in design studios, supported by theory classes and seminars.

In the second year, the students choose the topic of their final thesis. This thesis process is flexible and students may take one to three semesters to complete it, depending on the topic they choose and their optional internship program.

Please find the details on how to apply in our booklet, link can be find in the first paragraph. The deadline is 28th of February.

Application is open for students that have already finished a Bachelor's degree in Architecture (or comparative), full criteria are available in the booklet. Scholarships are available.

For further questions, feel free to contact our international office for questions, they can also help you to get in touch with one of our current students or alumni, via .


*under the Canberra Accord our MArch degree is recognized and accredited by AIA, RIBA and China's architecture union, amongst others.

** see details in our 'China Builds Booklet' for the possibilities of the 1,5 or 2 years program.