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UWMilwaukee's Nikole Bouchard: 2015 Sukkahville finalist

By snatraj
Nov 2, '15 2:57 PM EST

Nikole Bouchard, Milo Bonacci, and Julien Leyssene were one of eight international design teams whose competition entries were showcased at Sukkahville 2015, the 5th annual competition conducted by the Kehilla Residential Programme in Toronto. They were one of 81 submissions that were asked to reimagine the traditional Sukkah, a temporary structure that is built during the Jewish festival of Sukkot, in commemoration of the 40 years that Jews spent wandering the desert.

Their project, the CANVAS COCOON, “is a temporary, reusable structure that enables users to relax, rest and recreate during (and after!) the festival of Sukkot.

The space is constructed with three primary materials: wood, cotton canvas and jute. Large sheets of canvas are suspended from the wooden structure. These canvas sheets are fastened to the jute cables at the top of the structure to create a series of flexible walls. The arrangement of the canvas sheets creates a cloak that provides a sense of security and comfort for the user(s), as if being wrapped in a warm blanket. An oculus provides stunning views of the sky above.” Following Sukkot, the Canvas Cocoon was disassembled and the materials brought back to Milwaukee, where they will be used by local groups to create art.

The CANVAS COCOON provided a special space for users during Sukkot and an opportunity for city-wide engagement and artistic expression following the Festival.

Sukkahville 2015 timelapse video1

Sukkahvillw 2015 timelapse video2