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Jose Oubrerie presents career retrospective lecture

By ukcod
Apr 17, '13 10:12 AM EST

Jose Oubrerie, renowned architect and former Dean of the University of Kentucky College of Architecture (now College of Design), returned to Lexington to present a lecture to UK/CoD students and faculty at the Downtown Arts Center.

Oubrerie's multimedia lecture covered his extensive career in architecture, and his apprenticeship under French architect Le Corbusier, who is considered "the father of modern architecture."  Oubrerie spoke at length about his design of the Miler House, one of Lexington's most notable structures. The house is regarded as one of the finest examples of residential architecture of the 20th century.

Of the house's design, Oubrerie said he was inspired by different units within a factory. As the house was designed for Robert and Penny Miller and their two children, Oubrerie wanted to create seperate "houses" within a single structure. Each occupant would have a contained living space with shared common areas.

"I don't like suburbs", said Oubrerie, referring to the design of traditional homes in the area compared to the Miller House. "I wanted to create a city."

Following the lecture, Oubrerie signed posters for attendees, and reconnected with former students and colleagues at a reception in the DAC's second floor gallery.

Check back for a video of Oubrerie's presentation.