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CED Summer Program Application Deadlines are Approaching

By CED_summer_institute
May 3, '22 8:43 PM EST

In 2022, the CED Summer Programs are in their ninth year, and continue to build their success upon the unique tradition and achievement of the UC Berkeley's College of Environmental Design which places in the Top 10 QS ranking in the category Architecture & Built Environment year over year. CED Summer Program participants consistently give the programs and their instructors excellent reviews. Additionally, CED Summer Programs alumni have been admitted to graduate degree programs at Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, UCLA, Yale, and last but not least, UC Berkeley.

The faculty and staff of the CED Summer Programs are excited that these intensive, full-time courses are back on campus in 2022, after two years of online instruction. This summer, students will have the opportunity to engage with UC Berkeley faculty and leading innovators from around the San Francisco Bay Area. Program participants will also have the chance to undertake hands-on projects, and go on exciting site-visits. With expert guidance, students will immerse themselves in the processes of creating built environments. They will explore the methods and theories of environmental design, experience the culture of planning and design studios, and learn to apply a range of representation techniques. Most of the intensive courses don’t require any previous knowledge of environmental design. Each program also includes lectures, workshops, discussions and field trips. 

Attending any of these well-regarded programs will allow aspiring environmental designers to challenge themselves and to grow as an individual and as a designer.

All programs will start at the beginning of July. Application deadlines are generally in May – but it is highly recommended to start your application as early as January. 

More information: UC Berkeley Environmental Design Summer Programs