Syracuse University

Syracuse University

Syracuse, NY

Towards a Hip-Hop Architecture

Thu, Mar 19 '15  –  Fri, Mar 20 '15
Syracuse, NY, US

The "Towards a Hip-Hop Architecture" symposium brings together historians, theorists, practitioners, and others from the hip-hop, visual arts and architecture communities to explore a wide range of questions surrounding hip-hop’s potential impact on the built environment. Participants: Rashida Bumbray, Lawrence Chua, Sekou Cooke, Mike Ford, James Garrett Jr, Travis Gosa, Andres Hernandez, Lekan Jeyifous, Shawn Rickenbacker, Héctor Tarrido-Picart, Jack Travis, Craig Wilkins, Amanda Williams.  Sponsored by Syracuse University School of Architecture, Syracuse University Division of Student Affairs, and the Society of Multicultural Architects and Designers. #SyrArch #TowardsHipHopArch #SyrTHHA #HipHopArchitecture #Architecture #tohiphoparch #hiphoparch

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