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Academy Of Art University

San Francisco, CA

AAU School of Architecture Fall Events

Thu, Sep 6 '18  –  Tue, Nov 20 '18
San Francisco, CA, US

We are kicking our Fall Semester off with a great list of illustrious guests this fall. Please join our events and lectures in San Francisco or through our live-casts online. We are looking forward to great debates, discussions and insights:We broadcast all lectures live at https://speakers.academyart.ed... at the time of the lecture (Pacific Time / US-West Coast)

09.10.18 - 6:00pm Keller Easterling, New York, NY

09.27.18 - 6:00pm Julien Lanoo, France/Belgium

10.04.18 - 6:00pm MALL - Jennifer Bonner, Cambridge USA 

10.08.18 - 6:00pm DIGSAU Philadelphia, PA 

10.16.18 - 6:00pm Takaharu Tezuka, Tezuka Architects, Tokyo, Japan 

10.30.18 - 6:00pm HHF Architects Basel, Switzerland 

11.07,18 - 6:00pm Ethics and Leadership Panel with 5468796 Architects, Winnipeg, MB, Canada 

11.15.18 - 6:00pm Studio PRACTICA, Seville & Madrid, Spain and Santiago, Chile 

11.20.18 - 6:00pm Pezo von Ellrichshausen, Concepción, Chile 

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