University of Greenwich

University of Greenwich

London, GB

New Coasts Exhibition

Wed, Feb 28 '244:28 AM  –  Wed, Mar 6 '244:28 AM
London, GB | Project Space Gallery, 10-11 Stockwell Street, London, SE10 9BD

The New Coasts exhibition in the Project Space Gallery is open from 28 February until 6 March. The Masters of Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich have curated an exhibition of in-progress designs. Projects explore the coastal landscapes of Landguard Point, Felixstowe (UK), and they question what is lost and gained as these landscapes go through designed and unplanned change. 

The exhibition includes tapestries that tell stories of landscapes going through change. The tapestries are layered to portray complex urbanizing landscapes of infrastructures, processes and operations. Their three dimensions reveal spatial forms and sectional thickness. And their multiple scales connect human interactions with material, political and more-than-human contexts.  

The New Coasts exhibition presents a curated work-in-progress, through tapestry prototypes and working drawings. The tapestries are thick and heavy, designed to be hung, and read as narratives that connect specific histories of places with designed futures. They tell stories of everyday landscapes, challenged by processes of shifting sands, complete urbanisation, rising sea levels, extractive dredging and global container ports, layered with extraordinary designs of more equitable, shared and possible futures.   

Students: Hannes Aava, Dmitrijs Kopendjuks, Rachel Clements, Jordan Edrington, Alex Erwee, Aliza Ghaffar, Aude Liedekerke, Rhiannon Marshall, Karly McGinty, Flynn Morton, Yoanna Mustafova, Elif Su Sert, Samuel Simson, Victoria Spurling 

Tutors: Helena Rivera, Ed Wall 

Support: Sam Sheard, Sven Reindl, Robbie Munn, Phil Hudson 

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