Architecture François Scali

Architecture François Scali

Paris, FR


Residence for researchers in Lyon

The building located in Lyon is a residence for researchers and programming of the consultation (won in 2010) clarified the role that he must have identification in the Gerland district undergoing urban transformation.

The strong identity and emblematic of this residence is expressed first by simple geometry of two blocks of different nature, stacked without touching and giving the impression of being detached from one another.

The primary concern in the design was to address the problem of definition of a mixed urban object, both inserted into a mesh and a plot street, isolated after a park, asking the question underpinned readings on several scales.

The effect of levitation obtained by the separation of the two blocks of different nature, one on the other is obtained by a structural cantilever over six meters camouflaged in a form of aluminum hull. The swaying controlled by the combination of conflicting alignments (from the street, the square and the firefighter route), gives a feeling of independence or even rotation.

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Status: Built
Location: Lyon FR
Firm Role: architect