Shivani Bhalla

Shivani Bhalla

New York, NY, US



“Consider the momentous event in architecture when the wall parted and the column became.” - Louis Kahn

My fascination with the art of design and the creation process has been a strong factor for my affinity towards a higher education in the Architectural field. 

I am currently a Graduate student at the Rhode Island School of Design pursuing a Masters in Interior Architecture & Adaptive Reuse. As part of the Master’s program, I have had work experience in the form of an Internship in Boston with an Architectural firm and have also been selected among a few to display my previous semester's design  in a gallery exhibition in the coming months.  Before RISD, I acquired a Bachelor's in Architecture degree from India completing a 5 year program after which it became very important for me to translate theory into practice. I thus attained two years of work experience being associated with two esteemed Architectural Firms. The diversity of work I was involved with ranges from Institutional and Urban design, Residential/ Interior design, Project Management and Site Supervision.

As I look back at my formative years, a very important influencing factor has been my family’s association with this field. I have had the privilege of watching at close quarters the association of my grandfather with the Presidency of the International Union of Architects- U.I.A, along with hearing his narratives of conversations with the great Mahatma Gandhi. Design philosophies of Kahn, Corbusier & Stein shared by him certainly reinforced my direction in life.

The dynamics of Space design highlights the infinite possibility of using Architecture as a tool to improve the Human experience. I thus aim to gain firsthand experience integrating the academic discipline of Architectural Design and Creative Imagination with a Holistic approach to the built environment. Having an opportunity to be associated with an Architectural practice that can help me realize this vision and provide me with the opportunity to exhibit my skills and understanding of the Profession is my main goal.


Hyperion Design and Development, LLC, Boston, MA, US, Design Intern

Design and development of properties across the United States. Focus from the conceptual design stage to the final execution of varied projects looking at real estate value and future possibilities of use.

• Part of the design team responsible for the conceptualization of the design strategy for a 12 acre undeveloped property in Maine. A detailed Site study and research simultaneously aided the generation of an ideal solution specific for the location.
• Responsible for design development of the project as a whole using computer aided techniques along with hand sketches/drawings to determine the buildable footprint and program brief.
• Developed working drawings for the design scheme with details of form, architectural style, materials used and site relation.

Jan 2013 - Feb 2013


Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Providence, RI, US, Masters, Masters in Interior Architecture & Adaptive Reuse

Currently a Masters in Interior Architecture and Adaptive Reuse candidate at the school. Selected for a gallery exhibition for work presented in the Fall semester. Presently enrolled in the Final Semester of the program.

Jun 2012 - Jun 2013

Areas of Specialization