SAVE Jose Oubrerie's The Miller House

One of the top 100 modern homes of the 20th century is being threatened by suburban development.

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    Paperwork on Paperwork

    Katie Halsey
    Jul 31, '13 12:07 PM EST

    I apologize for not posting lately. I am working on paperwork on top of more paperwork that deals with submitting the house for the National Register. The first step is for me to fill out a survey form and it's hard for me to figure some of the information needed. I am very grateful for the people that have reached out to help me with these forms. 

    Please feel free to keep the ideas coming about how we can save the house. I am completely open minded about anything we can do. I am going to try to email some more people today about getting their backing behind my efforts and will keep you updated. 


    • tofar2wk

      Katie - I am just getting up to speed.  Do you know the current status of the sale?  the FDIC site says it is under contract? 

      Aug 19, 13 8:36 pm  · 

      The Fayette PVA site says the property was sold to RML Construction whose location is the same as Ball Homes in Lexington.  It was sold for $370,000.

      Dec 27, 13 10:47 am  · 

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The Miller House, located in Lexington, Kentucky, is slowly being encroached on by generic suburban housing developments. Designed by Jose Oubrerie, the last living apprentice to study under Le Corbusier, the Miller House which once sat on a little over 29 acres and overlooked a lake, is now a single lot in a developing cookie cutter neighborhood. The house has been repossessed by the FDIC and its value has been significantly decreased monetarily and culturally. #SAVEtheMillerHouse

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