Sarah Levine

Sarah Levine

Madison, CT, US




University of Illinois Chicago, Chicago, IL, US, BArch, Architecture

I followed the 4 year undergraduate studio track which included rigorous design studios, courses in architectural theory and history, courses in structures, and courses in building sciences (the technical applications of architectural practice). In addition to these basic courses I fulfilled all requirements of a well-rounded liberal arts education and took the opportunity to register for additional classes offered in the art history department. I took several supplemental architectural history classes taught by my mentor in that department, Martha Pollack, including a graduate seminar on the filtration of design ideas through artistic circles in the Baroque period. I participated in the Honors College at the University, which required me to do a supplemental project or honors course each semester.

During the summer between my sophomore and junior year, I participated in a seminar abroad in Berlin where along with a group of graduate and undergraduate students, we traveled around Berlin and Germany, studying the architectural history. With what we accumulated, we worked on three progressive design projects, cumulating in the design and construction of a pavilion for a specific site in Berlin.

Sep 2007 - May 2011

Goucher College, Baltimore, MD, US, Liberal Arts

I attended this small liberal arts college for three semesters before deciding to transfer to architecture school. Here I fulfilled a variety of liberal arts requirements and explored numerous interests, but consistently studied mathematics and art history, declaring a major in both. My mentor at this school was my mathematics professor Mark McKibben. I also took a course in Baltimore city politics, an advanced French language and culture seminar, several courses in art and design, and several in the sciences, including physics. I participated in several extracurricular activities at this school, including the division III women's lacrosse team, a campus religious organization, and the yoga club.

Aug 2005 - Dec 2006

Areas of Specialization