Sara Fishta

Sara Fishta

Ankara, TR



My name is Sara Fishta, and eventually I’m studying Interior Architecture and Environmental Design in Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey. I am a 4th year student, expecting to graduate on June 2015.

My approach to design is based on sanity and personal experience. It has been influenced by the environment where I have been growing up, which is in different Construction Sites.Since my father is a Businessman in the Building Construction business, I think that thats where i have inherited the love for Architecture from.Because of him, I have learned basics of Architecture and Built Environment such as Functional Thinking, Care in details and Respect to the Nature and the Historic Heritage.

 Thanks to growing up surrounded by enormous buildings and architects passionate for their work, I am able to see the design and architecture from different perspectives, and even propose for better solutions.

The key moment of my progress as an architect was when i was working with my father (age 15). I was astonished on how the drawings that were made in paper would take life in reality and how Sustainable elements would create a harmony between nature and human built.Even though I had helped him in the material choice and in various detailed drawings, when the construction would finish, I would stay breathless.

I perfectly understand that to become an architect is a life-long learning process. I am still in my 4th year of studies, and this is just a little step that i have taken ahead for my carrier. I am willing to learn more and more in the big field of Architecture and Design. 


Group Odi | Odeion, Izmir, TR, Intern

Odi Group (ODI.COM)
Izmir, Turkey
Odi Group is an
Architecture Company.
- Had my internship in the
office for 1 month
- Worked closely with employees
- Assisted on clients requests
- Helped on giving new ideas
- Designed different plans

Jun 2014 - Jul 2014

Edra06, Tirana, AL, Intern

Edra 06 (
Tirana, Albania
Edra 06 is a
Construction Building Company.
- Had my internship in the
field for over 3 months
- Worked closely with clients
- Assisted on clients requests

Jun 2013 - Aug 2013


Bilkent University, Ankara, TR, Bachelors, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design/ 4 yrs

Bilkent University is ranked in the top 100 Best Universities in the World. It is an International, private University which is mostly concerned about the Business, Economics and Architectural Fields. The reason why i chose Bilkent is because It is one of the best Universities in Turkey and the pedagogues that are working in the Interior Architecture department are very qualified and well known about their design experiences.

Sep 2011 - current

Turgut Ozal Kolej, Tirana, AL, High School, Natural Science/ 4 yrs

Sep 2008 - Jun 2011


Green Lion Association, 1st Place

In the installation art category, the first prize goes to Group 11 with their work "Who Killed the Polar Bear ?"

Green Lion's mission is to work with the youth for the youth.Creating the art works and evaluating the art works proved to be a perfect combination, giving participants the chance to further analyze the role of art in creating an awareness on the environment and sustainability.


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