Sanskruti Leela

Sanskruti Leela

New York, NY, US



In terms of quantitative skills, my previous internship at Holzman Interiors in NY and Creative Designs in India, and my current enrolment in Interior Design (BFA) programme at Parsons School of Design, has allowed me to learn and research about the various design concepts concepts in different cultures, and implement the same on CAD, Rivet, Rhino and Adobe programmes. Furthermore, being a student, I understand the importance of working well in teams, researching about topics, and contributing as efficiently as possible for a given task.

As an Interior Designing major, I realise the need for fine-tuned, detailed work, just like those of the residential and commercial interiors. My dedication to being comprehensive, and equally effective, has enabled the growth of my grades since my first day in New York as a freshman. I assure you that my involvement at my dedicated work will not only improve my efficiency as an individual, but also the results of the tasks that are assigned to me.


The New School, New York, NY, US, High School, Interior Design

I am a student studying Interior Design. During my current years in doing the BFA degree I have enrolled in many lectures and classed that have brought me closer to the world of architecture.

Jan 2018 - current

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