sandra carstea

sandra carstea

Bucharest, RO


Diploma final project

My diploma project promotes a new building as reaction and normal evolution in big cities, which are confrunted with high density of emigrants and neccesity of enlarging dimensions. Cities like Paris are nowadays already called metropoles so urbanists and architects have to rethink the global organisation and densification, in order to give solutions of enlarging the city fronteers, as well as its means of transportation, institutions, green spaces and residential confort for new inhabitants. Several points of interest may attract people for shopping or spending spare time in new open spaces, far away from the city agitated everyday life.

The architectural proposal also looks to regenerate daily activities and to redirect people to sport, as a big general lack for each of us in the last 10-20 years. A new building is always welcomed in the city surroundings, if it is a destination for fun, sports and spending quality time outside. What if it includes big swimming pools both for performance and for fun? what if you can find several attractions on each floor, like fitness and aerobics, massage and spa, pool, bowling or splash? what if even in the evening the whole building lights its restaurants and open terraces right next to the pool and private garden, being ready for parties and special events?

It is the architectural gesture that gives life to new meeting points and squares of having fun, enjoying free time... enjoying life!

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Status: School Project
Location: Paris, FR