Chansan Hun

Chansan Hun

Phnom Penh, KH


Boutique Hotel

A boutique hotel offers an intimate environment with luxurious amenities to its guests. Every thoughtful detail is considered into delivering a one-of-the-kind service and thus every square meter space inside and outside of the hotel. This initial layout and facade design options is to tackle contemporary building design in a sleek and thematic way, the way that a boutique hotel should be. A MOVEMENT theme answers to the urban that they are in such as views toward itself from the outside roads and views outward from the inside of itself. The concept is inspired by the movement of traffic surrounding the site and the other monumental places in the city that are related to the function of a hotel and hospitality business.

The hotel houses programs such as: lobby café, conference room, office space and outdoor roof top bar, indoor bar and VIP lounge. 

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Phnom Pen, KH
My Role: Design Director
Additional Credits: Alex Luu