samia ghafourian

samia ghafourian

Tehran, IR


Coastal Landscape Design with approach to Tourism development,coast of Caspian Sea and estuary of Shirud River.

Coastal areas of rivers and seas are valuable and vital environmental resources, which are dynamic due to coastal
process and prepare the context for human activities and habitation. Tourism and recreation are important part
of human activities related to natural environment of coasts and the sustainability of them are dependent to their
concern about ecological conservation obligations, social and cultural aspects.
Lack of knowledge and concern about natural environment of coastal areas of sea and the rivers flow to them
and the deficiency of comprehensive environmental planning for development of coastal cities has caused great
damages to them. This happening has led to Decrease of ecological capacity, spoil of natural scenery, increase
of pollution, weakening the fauna and flora and eventually ruin of tourism potential of Caspian Sea shorelines.
In this way the role of coastal areas as the identical character of the city and the focal zone for people 's most activities
especially recreational functions has been faded and the interaction of them with the environment has
been decreased.
This thesis tries to improve the natural, social and cultural sustainability of coastal enviromnent with establishment
of landscape architecture methods, to form natural and built environment, ameliorate the damages, conserve
areas with natural value and to organize tourism activities in research case study area, the coast of shirud
river and its estuary with Caspian Sea. the achievement of this research is consist of solutions and obligations
for coastal landscape design with approach to conservation and improvement of ecological aspects ,social activities
and identification of city in the way of tourism development ,thus giving design suggestion for the amelioration
of shirud coasts.
This research is done according to descriptive methods including library studies, site visit, studying upcoming
city plans and case studies that led to extraction of basic theories, concepts and obligations. Afterward with analyze
of data in each sections, preparing s.w.o.t table and zoning, the basic solution for coastal landscape architecture
and suitable places for creating recreational activities in case study area has been presented. These solutions
besides creativity and new ideas create the suggested landscape design for shirud coasts.

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Status: School Project