Samantha Sanchez

Samantha Sanchez

Stafford, TX, US


Buffalo Bayou Arts District Music Performance Hall


To create a space to where both outside expectators and inside visitors can connect to what is happening inside the music hall by visually connecting each person to that individual space. As an overall master plan i wanted to create a major axis to where the main focus would be the music hall. It will slowly build up the journey from the buffalo bayou to the music hall. The main idea was to create an understanding between green spaces and infrastructure. The clear main axis that directs you throughout the site takes you to each node by connecting each building with ramps. There is a clear definition that the axis creates to where there is a separation between the parking lot, the buildings and the greenery.


The site is surrounded with a very over the top apartment complex and a very unapealing 3 story garage. The site is fairly hostile with a lack of interesting views. There is a very peaceful cemetery that makes you wonder if its even good mixing noise with silence. There is heavy traffic at times and little to no trees around. The site itself has a slope that could be problematic creating a rise of 15 feet creating. There is also a flood area that is not useful for building in the North area of the site.


The building is a rock shaped building. On either side of the building there is a ramp or a continuation of path that follows the major axis. The ground level is a docking area that is only used for services. The second level is multi function space with Lobby, concession stands, ticket area, administrattion offices, and community center. The third level is restrooms, mechanical, electrical, IT, and main theater entrance equipted with stage, backstage and service area. The Main Theater has also access to a control room and catwalk.


The building is raised up creating this big rock to float in order to feel like you are walking under this massive mass. The corrugated glass creates this connection with the axis as well as visual connection to the expectators. When The high slope ramps created by each building create this screen to hide away the parking and only keep visible the green areas an pond areas that take you away from that busy city life. 

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Status: School Project