Salman Basharat

Salman Basharat

Firenze, IT

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The experience of being a design learner for the past eight years has left a deep mark on me, and it still often gives me a pursual for so many unasked questions and untold answers. This great quest has always been directed towards me trying to figure out design in all of my works in some form.

I have enjoyed my work since the day I first got into an arts college to study Architecture, and I knew these five years of my journey were going to treat & teach me in a different way and show me what I was missing. So it happened. I took risks, diverted myself from various different paths and chose my own way of life. Studying architecture became a fuel for my other interests in life and luckily it brought me to Italy, one of the most design enriched places, to do my Masters in Interior design and Furniture design. Understanding any object's function and complexity was the integral part of my learning. Moreover, I got an extraordinary exposure through people, traveling around Europe, crossing seas and oceans, eating most delicious food and making most amazing friends which turned into an intense and overwhelming experience by the end in a positive way. Most importantly, it prepared me for the future by making me more concrete and less uncertain about it. That's a blessing.



Mohiuddin & Khan Construction, Islamabad, PK, Associate Architect

Was part of all the main design from the process until the completion into a physical form including the CAD operations and 3D drawings. Site surveys and communication with labor were integral parts of the job

Sep 2016 - Jan 2017

National College of Arts, Lahore, Lahore, PK, Project Architect

I was selected for designing an Art shop inside my institution, during my bachelors, by the director of the school. From the idea on paper till the completion of the project I was on board including the market surveys, Computer Aided Drawings, 3D drawings, and supervising at the site communicating with the labor.

Sep 2014 - Jan 2015

Nasir's Design, Islamabad, PK, Architecture Intern

Here, I mainly worked on a client's residence throughout my stay in the firm and gave multiple design proposals for the interior and exterior of the house. A few were approved later.

Jun 2014 - Aug 2014

Nayyar Ali Dada & Associates, Lahore, PK, Architecture Intern

My stay there was inclusive of making architectural models to study spaces and study of contours.  Revamped the interior of a retail space for furniture display.  Also gave a design proposal for a series of interior spaces for a residence in Dubai. 

Jun 2013 - Sep 2013


Florence Institute of Design International, Florence, IT, Masters, Interior & Furniture Design

Jan 2017 - May 2018

National College of Arts Lahore, Lahore, PK, BArch, Architecture

Feb 2011 - Jan 2016


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