tala salem

tala salem

Brooklyn, NY, US



The space conceived as an inverted section of a body taking from hybrid interpretations of the gestation in cocoons, structural stability of exoskeletons and the neural integrity of the spine as a qualitatively carapace like shell, with a flesh like interior consistency suggests a typology of shelter that plays on the conditions of introversion . 
Inspired tectonically by the inherent segmentation of the arthropod, the form and structure regulates, in rhythm, the outside from the inside. Together with the two portals on either side, which frame existing pavilions, the segmented layers interfere with the unidirectionality of the tunnel-like circulation with light and landscape. As architecture evolves into a species, this presents a speculative condition of evolutionary primacy in a new genre of architectural biology.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Design, Build, Test, Research
Additional Credits: Zoish Contractor
(student group project)